“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #4.

“Communication “Don’t be afraid to say – I don’t know”

So often we as leaders want to have all the answers or 90% clarity before we engage and communicate.

I supposed it has to do with not wanting to be wrong or being afraid to look stupid. COVID19 is so unpredictable; waiting for “certainty” might be in 2021.

These pointers have always helped me to navigate tricky communication situations:

·  Be as transparent as possible – if something is going on that we can’t communicate, then provide a date by when we can📆 

·   Focussing on facts and what I do know for certain

·   Sharing openly what I don’t know or am uncertain about

·   Sharing possible outcomes, but only if I know that they are real courses of action

·  Using a parking lot for the uncertain topics where we have no idea about the outcomes. Too much speculation leads to fear. 🅿️           

·   Being true to myself and honest when answering questions – even saying “this is my personal opinion”

·   The next communication date

·   Always communicate with empathy and consideration for how other individuals might be feeling💗

What other tips do you have for leaders to help with communication ❓

#covid19 #turbulenttimes #leadership #cfo

© Talita Ferreira

© Authenticity Change Solutions

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