“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #5

“Focus on resilience and our ability to bounce back”

If you have ever been on an aeroplane, the safety brief is to put on your oxygen mask first.

We will need to bounce back as individuals, organisations and teams. Our first focus must be on ourselves.

These are my favourite bounce back strategies🎯 for leaders


If I obsess about something, I write it down and create two alternative scenarios. I think of evidence that supports the alternatives. Mostly I find an “aha moment” through the process.

Focus on breathing

Counting to five breathing in, holding the breath and breathing out for longer. Repeat this 5-6 times and the mind clears.  

Celebrating success

When overwhelmed by negativity, I recall a time I was very successful or happy. Recall the feelings and thoughts and re-celebrate the success.

Focusing on a positive vision🔮 of the future. Creating a vision in my mind, on a vision board or on post-it notes and believing & feeling it is already so.

Using positive energy statements – I can do this, I am successful.

It is very easy to let our limiting self-beliefs or dark mood take over in #COVID. We have the power of #choice.

Do you have any tips for resilience❓

#leadership #cfo

© Talita Ferreira

© Authenticity Change Solutions

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