“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” Blog #6

“Appreciation and relationships = engaged team = success”

I am very interested in how our brain works and how we can be motivated as teams and individuals.

No surprise then that I have been watching webinars and courses on this subject during the lockdown. There seems to be a common theme emerging, and I wanted to share.

Crossing generational boundaries, brain science🧠 is pointing to appreciation as a key motivator. This makes sense if we combine it with the CIPD statistic that the number one reason for people leaving a job, is their manager.

How can we practically foster better relationships and appreciate our teams more?

We should first think about how we appreciate our people.

👉How do we thank them? Do we use something generic like – a job well done or do we thank them for their positive attributes and character?

👉Do we do it in front of the team or one to one?

👉Do we write an email or do it as a recognition award when other teams are present?

Some people actually hate generic praise and or being recognised in front of other people. So, finding out what motivates each individual team member is a great place to start. Comments like ‘Thank you for showing up and supporting me today’ might be preferred to ‘Thank you for a job well done’. Get to know your team better and understand what will bring out the best in them.

How do you motivate and inspire your team in #COVID19❓

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© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

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