“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #7

“Be authentic and true to yourself – understand when your core values are crossed”

So often we are faced with challenging situations where we are confident with our point of view, know what we want to say, but we don’t say it because of peer pressures, an unsupportive culture,  we don’t feel safe, or we fear for our jobs. 🙊

The current crisis could exacerbate these situations because we might want to do one thing based on our set of #corevalues, but we feel we have to conform to the establishment.

Many times in my career, I found that I would have an emotional reaction 🧡 when my values were being crossed. I used to get very upset when my HR team would want to follow a rule book approach as opposed to a framework where we can flex to what individuals need. Individualisation is one of my core values.

Have you ever made the connection between your values being, having an emotional reaction or being unhappy?

We are creating a #newnormal for our future. It is time to honour our core values and stand up for our #beliefs. When we at least voice our concerns, we make a difference, no matter the outcome. The more we express what we really think, the more significant the change we drive together. 🎯

I recently ran a virtual team engagement session. From the opinion poll, only 50% of the team thought they were more siloed during the crisis. However, when I asked people what behaviours were holding them back from working together collaboratively, there were very descriptive comments from everyone.

Where will you be more real this week? Have you had a values related experience, please share?

#leadership #emotionalintelligence

© Talita Ferreira

© Authenticity Change Solutions

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