“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #8

“The team dynamic has changed – Leader, did you notice?”

The #teamdynamics in our teams have changed and will never be the same again. The biggest mistake is to think everything will just miraculously go back to how it was. 🙈

A #newnormal will emerge, leaders will need to mould the dynamic like a fine piece of clay. We must unlock the creative brilliance of our teams to take us into #businesssuccess post-COVID. This will be a consistent challenge of redefinition, remotivation, #agility and #resilience.

We should start building #strongfoundations to ensure we are ready for the challenges. 🎯

Virtual team engagement is a must and is not about replicating the coffee lounge, quiz night or drinks at the pub virtually. It is understanding what is going on in the team, how the dynamic has changed and sculpting the ideal for future success.

A couple of elements to brainstorm/facilitate with the team

❇️ How effective are our team interactions in connecting the team?

❇️ Which behaviours are serving us/distracting us? What needs to change?

❇️ Are meetings effective?

❇️Do we live our values?

❇️ How do we give feedback?

❇️ Are we effective with stakeholders?

Invest in your team dynamic, it pays dividends. DM me if you want to brainstorm your virtual engagement or be part of a pilot.

© Talita Ferreira

© Authenticity Change Solutions

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