**Does your boss trust you implicitly❓**

Why is trust so important? It resonates with our sense of self-worth and whether we, as individuals, matter to someone.

Is my boss focussed on his/her own self-interest or is he invested in my growth, development and learning? When things go wrong will I be supported, will he/she have my back or will I be out in the freezing cold facing the music on my own?

When your boss trusts you, you

❇️Feel valued

❇️Feel that your opinion matters

❇️Feel empowered to try new things

❇️Feel inspired and motivated

❇️Will go the extra mile for them

In a nutshell, you thrive when you are trusted.

If everyone in the team is trusted and feels empowered, a culture of psychological safety emerges, where everyone is willing to share what they really think. Now we are on the journey to high performance.

In The #globalleadershiphypothesis -what makes a great leader? conversations with Andy Burrows BSc BFP ACA , he shares a great story of leadership, how his boss trusted him in a restructuring scenario and the resultant positive impact on him.

Are you building or eroding trust in your team❓

Watch the free trailer of the interviews.

Interested in Leadership and what makes a great leader? Visit The Global Leadership Hypothesis for a range of interviews with Chairman of Boards, finance professionals, influencers, thought leaders, leadership consultants and many more

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