Are you a champion for great leadership❓

30 years ago, the first employee I led called me an awful leader. I expected her to be like me. I did not see her as an individual. I did not recognise what she needed to grow and develop, feel supported and valued.

Since then I embarked on a journey to understand leadership purpose and do better. I am on a quest to understand “What makes a great leader?” to guide others to these insights.

We all have a desire to do our best. We know when we focus our energy and we truly commit, it pays dividends.

Why do we often have good intentions but get lost in day to day doing?

#greatleadership leadership starts with an intention. I believe we are not born great leaders, it is like a muscle that needs exercise. We develop it at our own pace.

It is making people and leadership part of our routine which came through clearly in my interview with Mohamed ELRouby ACMA, CGMA, MBA

❇️Having a keen interest in people

❇️Who are they as individuals – values, strengths, beliefs?

❇️What drives and motivates them?

❇️How can I bring out the best in them?

Whatever difficulties face an organisation – a focus on people and a #greaterimpact will ensure longevity.

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