Why does my “accountant” always make me feel like an idiot ?

I have had a few interactions now where I walk away
and feel like:

❇️ I have done something wrong

❇️I should have known better

❇️I should be or become the expert and

❇️ the worst one – feeling stupid

So often in finance, we forget it is not what we ask that is the issue, it is how we ask and the resultant way other people feel.

Perhaps its uplifting for the ‘accountant’ (can be replaced by CFO, finance director, controller, business partner, financial modeller, -manager, FP&A manager) to feel

↗️Superior 📈

↗️Have more knowledge 🧠

↗️Gossip that the other person just doesn’t get it 🦧

↗️Joke that you will weigh them down/get them on board later

The result when you make your counterpart feel inferior (even if we all know the other party is responsible for their own feelings)

⬇️NO influence


⬇️NO Relationship

⬇️Ruined mood

⬇️Hard work to get what you need next time

How should we make counterparts feel?

🎯We are genuinely interested in them

🎯We understand their perspective

🎯We are here to support a positive outcome for both

Think about how you communicate today and consider
how you make those around you feel‼️


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