**Do we suck at empathy in #Finance because the deadline wins❓**

Recently someone asked if we should have empathy with someone’s personal situation when we are at risk of missing a deadline.

People are our most important asset. If we are not there to support them in their need, why should they give us their brilliance and extra effort next time.

We are often very analytical and not in touch with our emotions in business.

A coachee recently asked how he could show genuine empathy? He mentioned some people are good at faking it and using the right words.

#Empathy has three levels:

↗️Cognitive – where we understand the other person’s perspective

↗️Emotional – the ability to feel what another person feels

↗️Empathetic concern – the ability to sense what someone else needs from us.

The solution is to put ourselves for a moment in the other person’s shoes. This is not what I think and feel in their shoes, rather what they think and feel.

I learnt people don’t want to do a bad job. Sometimes circumstances are against them, they are in the wrong role or need more support in executing. My role as leader is to find out why and help solve it for everyone.

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© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

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