**Are you too self-absorbed as a leader❓**

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing; our deadlines, targets and to-do list. We focus on our achievements, forget the people around us and our real job as leaders. Sometimes we do not even realise the impact on the team.

We are there to develop and grow others, reach objectives through them, empower them and get out of their way to let them do their jobs. We are supposed to lead through our teams to drive success.

This was a core message during the 13th interview with Lance Rubin for the series #GlobalLeadershipHypothesiss – what makes a great leader?”

Some of the things we can do to focus more on the team and show their importance:

❇️Regular team engagement sessions (virtually with breakout rooms and virtual post-it notes to gather views)

❇️Create a sense of belonging through a powerful purpose statement crafted as a team

❇️Understand each individuals’ values and how this impacts their behaviours

❇️ Understand each other’s strengths and the overall profile of our team

❇️ The lacking team elements for emotional safety how to improve this.

Look back and think about your impact this week. Don’t judge; you can always do better next week. Consciousness is key ‼️


© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

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