**Are we terrible at unleashing human potential as leaders?**

Irrespective of technological advances the magic ingredient is the people around us and unlocking their potential to create possibilities in Finance.

Great leaders are those that understand the situational context, what is most needed from them, their purpose and how to adapt their leadership to inspire and collectively drive significant impact & outcomes for everyone.

Fellowship is the new leadership, always underpinned by a level of humility. Some key messages in the conversation for the 23rd video of the series “#GlobalLeadershipHypothesis – what makes a great leader?” with Zahra Bahrololoumi.

Other elements of the conversation:

❇️Create the magic ring of warmth for others

❇️Identify team players who garner followers vs lone wolfs

❇️ Assess areas of need, where we can add most value & identifying 2-3 items that make the biggest difference in line with the vision

❇️Assess the talent around you

❇️Continually praise and reward the right behaviours

❇️Drive the most mutually successful outcomes

❇️Give people clarity on their role and how they fit in with the purpose

❇️Deliver through others

❇️Pointing out mistakes vs saving relationships

© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

Interested in Leadership and what makes a great leader? Visit The Global Leadership Hypothesis for a range of interviews with Chairman of Boards, finance professionals, influencers, thought leaders, leadership consultants and many more


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