Do finance leaders unlock potential in other individuals?

Can you see the potential in others that they aren’t able to see themselves?

Are you helping others to become better versions of themselves?

Our success as leaders comes from and through the success and results being delivered by others. People value authenticity, being humble and not knowing it all in leaders.

The key prerequisite is the relationships with other individuals.

These were some of the great opening remarks from the interview with Jenny Okonkwo for the 26th conversation of
#GlobalLeadershipHypothesiss – what makes a great leader?”.

Some of the other key themes and insights:

❇️Technical skills are more muted in senior positions

❇️ Using your privilege as a leader to enable access for others

❇️ Encouraging others to speak up

❇️ Differing inputs + differing perspectives = enriched outcomes

❇️Managing the diversity and complexity of a diverse team is a growth opportunity for a leader

❇️Focus on what you can control

❇️Culturally intelligent leaders = awareness of biases & levels of privilege + inclusive traits,

❇️Self-awareness = awareness of own & team strengths and weaknesses

© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

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