Finance Leaders – are you leading from where you are❓

Leadership is not about being at the top of the tree or having the title of a leader.

Anyone can choose to have an impact and make a difference from where they are within an organisation.

This week we release the fifth leadership chronicle and a story of success shared by Brad Eisenhuth from the 20th conversation of #globalleadershiphypothesis – what makes a great leader.

Food for thought:

💡 Do you believe you can make a difference and have an impact❓

💡 You can take responsibility for creating awareness and transparency around a topic or issue – finance is very well placed to do this with all the information we have at our disposal

💡 We can either suggest solutions or alternatives or help facilitate a process for the business to find solutions or alternatives

💡 Once the direction is set, we can help others deliver on the results and hold people to account

💡 It is always good practice to assess what went well and what we can improve following delivery to ensure we remain agile and focus our abilities.

How are you leading from where you are at, in your organisation❓ Do you see any good examples❓

Take your leadership to the next level

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Interested in Leadership and what makes a great leader? Visit The Global Leadership Hypothesis for a range of interviews with Chairman of Boards, finance professionals, influencers, thought leaders, leadership consultants and many more

Access the trailer interview, full interview or transcripts to accelerate your leadership – learn from others

© Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder of Authentic Change Solutions

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