Why do joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions still have such high failure rates❓

Is it because we spend hardly any time thinking about merging or integrating the cultures before doing the deal?

Or because culture doesn’t fit on the due diligence spreadsheet.

#Culture is often the glue that holds an organisation together or it is the immune system that repels what does not fit.

Culture is nothing more and nothing less than the values in action – the behaviours that people live by and demonstrate every day.

This week we release the tenth leadership chronicle and a story of failure regarding a joint venture shared by Guillaume Turlin from the 21st conversation of #globalleadershiphypothesis – what makes a great leader. 

Creating something new together, means that we need to define how we will ‘be’ together in future. Have you considered the following:

⚡Have we defined shared values?

⚡What are the vital behaviours for success?

⚡Do we have a budget for integrating cultures?

⚡Have all the parties had a voice in the cultural and behavioural design?

⚡What is the road map for getting the people in the different organisations to buy- in?

What are your experiences of culture & integration❓ 


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