*Why is there a lack of focus on leadership and #teamdevelopment❓

Why are we paying lip service to the topic Finance?

Why are we not ‘putting our money (energy)💸 where our mouths (words) 👄are❓’

I have spoken to so many finance professionals, leaders and CFO’s during and before the lockdown and they all echo the importance of developing themselves and their leadership approach.

They all talk about how important it is that the team functions effectively and is developed and engaged.

Perversely, I too didn’t believe I had time to invest in these activities when I started out. It was a very wise coach that suggested I focus on #leadership and #teamdynamics after issues in my team & multiple complaints from me about performance.

Why do we not prioritise better, if we know this? Is it:

❇️Because of the age-old time excuse❓

❇️Outside our comfort zone❓

❇️I don’t really know how and it would cost money or research time to find out❓

❇️I am convinced I need to get the work done first and when I am on top of it, I will change focus❓

Newsflash – the great leaders start with developing themselves and their teams and then everything else falls in place – high performance, career opportunities, better customer service etc.

Where are you putting your money❓

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Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders #2

“Share more of yourself with your team to help create psychological safety”

Sharing more of ourselves with our teams can help to build trust. I don’t think there is a single #leader that is absolutely confident in these #turbulenttimes. Some leaders might be used to #virtualworking but they are not used to #lockdown, spending days without going out and all the emotions that go with having our freedom impaired and financial uncertainties.

Sharing some of the #emotions we are feeling with our teams, will give them permission to do the same.

Sharing how we feel and asking our teams to share how they feel, can be a powerful connector. As leaders, we need to engage our #empathy and become more #curious about the #teamdynamics around us.

It is an opportunity to invite everyone to have an opinion and to participate.

Using questions/phrases like:

I would love to hear more about that…

Could you elaborate please?

Are there any other perspectives – I would value hearing them?

The lockdown gives us an opportunity to share where we are, ask more about feelings, listen carefully and provide a safe space to share.

Do you know how your team is feeling today?

Do you have other questions to open up the conversation?

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