“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #8

“The team dynamic has changed – Leader, did you notice?”

The #teamdynamics in our teams have changed and will never be the same again. The biggest mistake is to think everything will just miraculously go back to how it was. 🙈

A #newnormal will emerge, leaders will need to mould the dynamic like a fine piece of clay. We must unlock the creative brilliance of our teams to take us into #businesssuccess post-COVID. This will be a consistent challenge of redefinition, remotivation, #agility and #resilience.

We should start building #strongfoundations to ensure we are ready for the challenges. 🎯

Virtual team engagement is a must and is not about replicating the coffee lounge, quiz night or drinks at the pub virtually. It is understanding what is going on in the team, how the dynamic has changed and sculpting the ideal for future success.

A couple of elements to brainstorm/facilitate with the team

❇️ How effective are our team interactions in connecting the team?

❇️ Which behaviours are serving us/distracting us? What needs to change?

❇️ Are meetings effective?

❇️Do we live our values?

❇️ How do we give feedback?

❇️ Are we effective with stakeholders?

Invest in your team dynamic, it pays dividends. DM me if you want to brainstorm your virtual engagement or be part of a pilot.

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“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #7

“Be authentic and true to yourself – understand when your core values are crossed”

So often we are faced with challenging situations where we are confident with our point of view, know what we want to say, but we don’t say it because of peer pressures, an unsupportive culture,  we don’t feel safe, or we fear for our jobs. 🙊

The current crisis could exacerbate these situations because we might want to do one thing based on our set of #corevalues, but we feel we have to conform to the establishment.

Many times in my career, I found that I would have an emotional reaction 🧡 when my values were being crossed. I used to get very upset when my HR team would want to follow a rule book approach as opposed to a framework where we can flex to what individuals need. Individualisation is one of my core values.

Have you ever made the connection between your values being, having an emotional reaction or being unhappy?

We are creating a #newnormal for our future. It is time to honour our core values and stand up for our #beliefs. When we at least voice our concerns, we make a difference, no matter the outcome. The more we express what we really think, the more significant the change we drive together. 🎯

I recently ran a virtual team engagement session. From the opinion poll, only 50% of the team thought they were more siloed during the crisis. However, when I asked people what behaviours were holding them back from working together collaboratively, there were very descriptive comments from everyone.

Where will you be more real this week? Have you had a values related experience, please share?

#leadership #emotionalintelligence

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“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” Blog #6

“Appreciation and relationships = engaged team = success”

I am very interested in how our brain works and how we can be motivated as teams and individuals.

No surprise then that I have been watching webinars and courses on this subject during the lockdown. There seems to be a common theme emerging, and I wanted to share.

Crossing generational boundaries, brain science🧠 is pointing to appreciation as a key motivator. This makes sense if we combine it with the CIPD statistic that the number one reason for people leaving a job, is their manager.

How can we practically foster better relationships and appreciate our teams more?

We should first think about how we appreciate our people.

👉How do we thank them? Do we use something generic like – a job well done or do we thank them for their positive attributes and character?

👉Do we do it in front of the team or one to one?

👉Do we write an email or do it as a recognition award when other teams are present?

Some people actually hate generic praise and or being recognised in front of other people. So, finding out what motivates each individual team member is a great place to start. Comments like ‘Thank you for showing up and supporting me today’ might be preferred to ‘Thank you for a job well done’. Get to know your team better and understand what will bring out the best in them.

How do you motivate and inspire your team in #COVID19❓

#leadership #appreciation #

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“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #5

“Focus on resilience and our ability to bounce back”

If you have ever been on an aeroplane, the safety brief is to put on your oxygen mask first.

We will need to bounce back as individuals, organisations and teams. Our first focus must be on ourselves.

These are my favourite bounce back strategies🎯 for leaders


If I obsess about something, I write it down and create two alternative scenarios. I think of evidence that supports the alternatives. Mostly I find an “aha moment” through the process.

Focus on breathing

Counting to five breathing in, holding the breath and breathing out for longer. Repeat this 5-6 times and the mind clears.  

Celebrating success

When overwhelmed by negativity, I recall a time I was very successful or happy. Recall the feelings and thoughts and re-celebrate the success.

Focusing on a positive vision🔮 of the future. Creating a vision in my mind, on a vision board or on post-it notes and believing & feeling it is already so.

Using positive energy statements – I can do this, I am successful.

It is very easy to let our limiting self-beliefs or dark mood take over in #COVID. We have the power of #choice.

Do you have any tips for resilience❓

#leadership #cfo

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“Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders” #4.

“Communication “Don’t be afraid to say – I don’t know”

So often we as leaders want to have all the answers or 90% clarity before we engage and communicate.

I supposed it has to do with not wanting to be wrong or being afraid to look stupid. COVID19 is so unpredictable; waiting for “certainty” might be in 2021.

These pointers have always helped me to navigate tricky communication situations:

·  Be as transparent as possible – if something is going on that we can’t communicate, then provide a date by when we can📆 

·   Focussing on facts and what I do know for certain

·   Sharing openly what I don’t know or am uncertain about

·   Sharing possible outcomes, but only if I know that they are real courses of action

·  Using a parking lot for the uncertain topics where we have no idea about the outcomes. Too much speculation leads to fear. 🅿️           

·   Being true to myself and honest when answering questions – even saying “this is my personal opinion”

·   The next communication date

·   Always communicate with empathy and consideration for how other individuals might be feeling💗

What other tips do you have for leaders to help with communication ❓

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Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders #3

“Focus on leading and managing your team through the crisis”

It would be so easy to get stuck in the doing mode and focus all the critical things that need to be done at the moment, e.g. the cash flow forecast or scenario modelling.

It is just as critical to focus on #leading the team and the #teamculture. Just a few things to think about:

·       Fostering #psychologicalsafety in the team by sharing our own vulnerabilities as a leader

·       Spending a moment in the shoes 👟 of the team collectively and for each individual

·       Uncovering the underlying #fears 😨 that might exist regarding working from home or the #virtualdelivery

Use this process to spend time on critical team activities that bond and connect the team:

·       Set an intention to spend time on #teamengagement

·       Focus by setting aside the time ⌚

·       Prioritise the #teamactivities

·       Follow up with actions🎯

Just a few ideas on engagement activities

·       Lunch or coffee ☕ interactions discussing non-work related topics

·       Discussions on #changinghabits

·       Teams value exercise and #behaviours to support thriving virtually

·       Creating a virtual team charter

Watch the videoblog that goes with this post here


What are you doing to lead virtually and improve team dynamics?

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Virtual leadership in a crisis – support for leaders #2

“Share more of yourself with your team to help create psychological safety”

Sharing more of ourselves with our teams can help to build trust. I don’t think there is a single #leader that is absolutely confident in these #turbulenttimes. Some leaders might be used to #virtualworking but they are not used to #lockdown, spending days without going out and all the emotions that go with having our freedom impaired and financial uncertainties.

Sharing some of the #emotions we are feeling with our teams, will give them permission to do the same.

Sharing how we feel and asking our teams to share how they feel, can be a powerful connector. As leaders, we need to engage our #empathy and become more #curious about the #teamdynamics around us.

It is an opportunity to invite everyone to have an opinion and to participate.

Using questions/phrases like:

I would love to hear more about that…

Could you elaborate please?

Are there any other perspectives – I would value hearing them?

The lockdown gives us an opportunity to share where we are, ask more about feelings, listen carefully and provide a safe space to share.

Do you know how your team is feeling today?

Do you have other questions to open up the conversation?

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