Finance – How to be a catalyst for change ❓

How can you have an impact in your profession? You look back at the biggest impact in your career and share that with others, to make a difference for them too.

I want to help finance fast track the learnings I and many mentees had as #CFOs.

Sitting in appraisal rounds the reasons holding leaders back from promotion were:

❇️Not enough gravitas

❇️Independent contributor

❇️Good team relationships; not very integrated into the business

❇️Peer relationships need work

These indicate a need for better “soft skills” = business-critical skills.

I embarked on a mission, but was not convincing enough #financeleaders fast enough that these skills matter.

COVID-19 provided an amazing opportunity to enlist other voices – finance gurus, thought leaders, board members to determine the critical thread of what makes a great leader, and holds us back from reaching our full potential.

The interviews are my gift to help professionals unlock their amazing potential. Thank you to the participants who want to help make a difference to leadership in Finance.

Be a catalyst to unlock your full potential – watch the #Globalleadershiphypothesis interviews (link below 👇🏿) NOW❗


Watch the free trailer of the interviews.
#CFO #globalleadershiphypothesis

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